Melodic Death Metal aus Paderborn

Heretics - Death Metal aus Paderborn


Name Date Link
Carrying The Disease Tour 14.02.2019 Facebook
Carrying The Disease Tour 15.02.2019 Facebook
Carrying The Disease Tour 16.02.2019 Facebook
Drei Hörner Tour 19.01.2019 Facebook
SPH Bandcontest 11.05.2018 Facebook
Stud Offenburg 30.09.2017 Facebook
In Sanity and Friends 22.04.2017 Facebook
4. Paderborner Moshnight 12.11.2016 Facebook
Live in Prague 21.05.2016 Facebook
Metal in Verne 12.03.2016 Facebook
Durchstarterfestival Lippstadt 29.07.2015 Facebook
Live: CHUGGER + Sober Truth + Heretics 08.04.2015 Facebook